The Learning Professionals (LP) provides businesses with choice for their Vocational Education and Training (VET) needs, focusing on RTO Consulting that is fully tailored to your individual needs. 

You can use all or part of our service relevant to your existing skills, knowledge and budget. 

The Learning Professionals is a new RTO consulting company on the scene however, the Staff have a wealth of experience combined in VET and CRICOS RTO set up, management, consulting and ownership over the past 12 Years.

“We do not only talk the talk; we walk the walk.”

You can contact our team via admin@thelearningprofessionals.com.au

Scope of Consulting Service

As a working team, we will develop a customised plan for your RTO and CRICOS registration and ongoing compliance obligations. 

We can set up your systems for initial registration, through to consulting on and or assisting your RTO to meet the legislative components of the VET Quality Framework

The following services are contextualised to your RTO needs and are available, separately or we can work with you to design a plan that fits your budget, experience, personal needs;

RTO Set Up

Stage 1 – Advise – initial consultation

  • CEO/PEO selection
  • higher managerial personnel selection
  • principal place of business selection
  • head office location and training site
  • ownership / legal entity setup
  • associated person under the fit and proper act
  • other existing business registration conflicts of interest
  • type of RTO selection
  • proposed student numbers
  • proposed qualifications for initial registration

Stage 2 – Application for initial RTO registration Via ASQAnet portal

  • general and registration enquire notification
  • head office and proposed regular delivery sites
  • financial viability self-assessment
  • fit and proper persons document
  • CEO declaration
  • Fee payment for ASQA RTO initial application

Stage 3 – Developing policies and contextualising to RTO needs

  • RTO policies and procedures 
  • CRICOS policies and procedures
  • Governance policies and procedures

Stage 4 – Developing contextualised training and assessment material

  • training and assessment strategies to meet selected qualifications
  • assessment tool for selected qualifications
  • pre-implementation validation/industry engagement strategies
  • marketing and student information including 
    • website layout
    • Course and information flyers/ course / student handbooks
  • education agents’ agreements

Stage 5 – Sourcing ‘quotes’ for equipment and learning for selected qualifications

Stage 6 – selecting and setting up

  • student /record management system
  • online student enrolment system

Stage 7 – Recruiting

  • higher management personnel
  • trainers and assessors 
  • education agents

Stage 8 – Developing a continuous improvement process

  • initial professional development for trainers and assessors, RTO administration and management teams
  • recording register of trainer and assessor currency
  • management structure and succession planning

Stage 9 – pre-registration audit

  • personnel preparation
  • support during pre-registration audit

Post Audit Services Available

  • Yearly obligatory reporting requirements
    • CEO declaration
    • Quality indicator data
    • Fees
  • Other obligatory reporting requirements
    • re registration
    • CRICOS
    • PRISM
    • audits

RTO administration (let us do the hard work for you)

  • Recording, monitoring and reporting of course
    • enrolment
    • attendance
    • progress
    • completion
  • Validation of completed assessments

Support Services

LP has a highly qualified team of industry consultancy staff, to support you through the initial registration process and audit, through to ongoing support in operating your RTO. We promote a range of pathways for you to set up your RTO to meet your individual needs.

Value Adding Ongoing RTO Support

We acknowledge that operating an RTO is complex. We have a team of highly skilled administration staff that can support you initially or ongoing in operating your business to your reporting and compliance obligations.

Step through Professional Development Process

The Learning Professionals have developed a Stepthrough Blended Learning Program to assist your staff to develop their current RTO adminstration and or training and assessment skills and knowledge. We work with other RTOs to provide training, in an inclusive and confidential environment. This process ensures that you will be part of an RTO community that supports each other, working together to provide industry training for the our clients.

RTO Compliance Consulting

For Quality Workplace Training & Assessment Programs