How to Kick-start Your Business

I have a great business idea, what’s my next step and how do I get started with NEIS?

This is your business dream, lets start working towards building it into a viable business venture. NetGain Australia want to see you be a successful entrepreneur. Follow the steps below to start this journey.

STEP 1. Sign up for a free online Information Session

NEIS Information Sessions are held online. They are conducted by one of our experienced NEIS Mentors or NEIS Trainers to outline how NEIS can work for you. We encourage anyone considering NEIS to learn more before starting their journey to business success.

STEP 2. Make a choice

Do you want to undertake the ‘Explore Being My Own Boss’ sessions before you commit to the full program, or commence the NEIS program straight away?

STEP 3. Complete the online “NEIS Registration”

When you are ready to embark on your business journey, complete the online NEIS Registration form and a member of our NEIS Team will then contact you to commence the application process.

Want to speak with someone? Call our NEIS Manager on (0478 127893)


Complete the online form by clicking on the “Contact Us” button below and one of our NEIS team will then contact you to commence the application process.

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