NEIS FAQ’s – General

What are my obligations when participating in New Business Assistance with NEIS?

You are required to:

  • undertake NEIS training
  • operate your new business in accordance with your Business Plan and
  • meet all the terms of your NEIS Participant Agreement.

If you want to change the way your business operates (such as the location or hours of operation), you must discuss these changes with your NEIS Manager before you take any action.

If you make any changes to your business operating arrangements without approval, your NEIS Allowance payments may be suspended (if relevant) and/or your NEIS Participant Agreement may be terminated.

Can I use my existing business for NEIS?

Your NEIS business idea will not be eligible if it is currently operating on a commercial basis. Businesses are operating commercially if they meet any of the following:

  • Your business is currently operating in a business-like manner and there is a reasonable expectation of profit
  • Your business is of reasonable viable size in comparison with other businesses in the same industry
  • There is and has been repeated and continuous activity
  • There is a commercial relationship with the customers.

Some intended businesses can be hobbies or activities that currently supplement your income. In these cases, you may not be operating on a commercial basis, but contact us if you are unsure of your current business activities.

I have school aged children, can I run my business around school hours?

Running your own business has many benefits including choosing the hours you work on your business. Contact the NetGain Australia NEIS Manager to ask about how you can effectively run your business around school hours. The NEIS training program runs 3 days a week from 9.00am to 3.00pm to allow you to fit in with family needs.

Can I run my business from home?

Certainly! Many successful NEIS participant run their businesses from home

How many hours do I have to spend on my NEIS business?

You will need to work full-time with 35 hours or more per week. This does not apply to job seekers under restricted work capacity.

I had to close my physical business. Can I make changes to the way I operate my business?

Yes. If a NEIS participant is unable to continue with their business in its current form, NetGain Australia can help you to adapt your business to the current environment in the first instance – for example by moving the business online.

NEIS participants are also encouraged to use this time to undertake a range of back-of-house operations such as bookkeeping, promotion or marketing. NEIS businesses could also use the time to revisit their business plan and, in conjunction with NetGain Australia, implement changes to your business which respond to the current circumstances and maximise areas of new demand.

NEIS participants can amend their NEIS business plan after they have started NEIS Assistance. However, they should retain the core elements of their NEIS business.

If I can no longer operate my business and I exit the NEIS program, will I have to wait 12 months before I can access NEIS again?

Yes, there is a mandatory 12 month period. Should you wish to rejoin the program after the 12 month period, it must effectively be a new business.

Can I temporarily suspend my NEIS Assistance until I am able to operate my NEIS business again?

You are encouraged to work with NetGain Australia (NEIS Provider) to find ways to continue to operate your business rather than suspend NEIS Assistance. While some participants may find that their best or only option is to stop their business temporarily or permanently, they should first discuss the options with their NEIS provider.

What are areas of growth for potential NEIS businesses?

There are many entrepreneurship opportunities that people can explore to earn an income. These include opportunities in aged care (such as meal deliveries or door-to-door grocery shoppers), transport and logistics, deliveries and packaging, call centre supplies, website development, trades people, online personal training, fitness or yoga classes, online classroom or tutoring for kids, bookkeeping and support for back-of-house operations, photography and graphic design, gardening and home maintenance, or marketing and promotion.

These are only a small sample of the wide variety of ideas available so please ask our NEIS Manager if you would like more or to discuss your ideas.

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