NEIS Allowance

What government payment is available for NEIS?

NEIS Training is a Services Australia approved activity for up to 13 weeks. This means that people receiving certain types of income support (such as JobSeeker Payment) are not required to look for work while undertaking the initial small business training.

If you receive a Services Australia or Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) income support payment, you may be eligible to receive NEIS Allowance for up to the first 39 weeks of business operation. This is subject to you meeting the obligations under your NEIS Participant Agreement.

The NEIS Allowance is equivalent to the single, 22 or over, no children rate of JobSeeker payment. It is paid fortnightly in arrears. NEIS Allowance is designed to ensure your rate of payment is not affected by the earnings you make through your NEIS Business.

Your new business must be your primary activity. You can receive income from outside your new business (such as from investments or other work). If your external income is greater than twice the basic rate of NEIS Allowance in a given financial quarter, it may affect the amount of your NEIS Allowance.

Is rental assistance available for NEIS?

You may also be eligible to receive NEIS Rental Assistance. This is a fixed rate payment for a period of 26 weeks from the date you first receive NEIS Assistance.

To be eligible for NEIS Rental Assistance you must have been receiving Services Australia or Department of Veterans Affairs rental assistance before you start receiving NEIS Allowance.

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