Upgrade you BSZ or TAA qualification to TAE40122


Other RTO’s may tell you that you can’t or that they don’t upgrade the older workplace training and assessment qualifications, however, with The Learning Professionals you can, and we do.

The Learning Professionals TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment RPL program will enable you to upgrade your older BSZ, TAA or TAE qualification. How much additional gap training you require will depend on the qualification you hold and the units of competency you have completed.

If you can meet the following minimum requirements, you are on your way to upgrading to TAE40122:

  • demonstrate that you have current industry-based training experience,
  • successfully complete any additional gap training required, and
  • provide the required evidence.

We assess each application for upgrade individually and work 1 on 1 with you so that you can meet the requirements and gain the competency required for the TAE40122 qualification. 

The cost to upgrade to TAE40122 starts from $750.00. Additional fees may be incurred dependant on the amount of gap training you require or training in additional units of competency. 

To find out more about upgrading your older qualification, please complete the Contact Us form and select TAE upgrade.

24-Hour Access Number: 1300 043 045

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