TAE40122 Corporate Training Solutions

Corporate Training Solutions

We are the preferred training provider for many Government Departments and Private Businesses. We can contextualise the training to meet your business needs. You can choose to have your staff complete either the full qualification or any of the TAE Skill Sets available. We can even create a bespoke set of competencies based on an analysis of your business needs and requirements.

For enterprise trainers, these skills sets are designed to meet the specific needs of the business when it comes to having skilled staff employed in any workplace training / assessment role. Regardless of the type of industry your business is in, the skills and knowledge your staff will gain from completing this qualification or any skill set, will greatly increase the engagement, participation and outcomes of your workplace training programs. If your business is an RTO, then these skill sets form part of the minimum requirements as outlined in the Standards for RTOs 2015

Skill Sets: 

TAESS00014 – Enterprise Trainer-Presenting Skill Set

This skill set provides the necessary skills and knowledge for people training under supervision in the VET sector, who work mainly in classroom situations. The skill set is also ideal for individuals who train others within a workplace regardless of if the training is accredited or non-accredited. The role may involve some coaching at individual or small group level.

The two units delivered in this Skill Set also provide credit towards the TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (one unit may be used as an elective unit):

  • BSBCMM401 Make a presentation
  • TAEDEL301 Provide work skill instruction

The TAESS00011 Assessor Skill Set

This skill set provides VET trainers / assessors with the competencies required to meet the Standards for RTO’s 2015 for those seeking to work as assessors at RTO’s, TAFEs, and private training organisations. 

For individuals employed as workplace trainers or in a talent development role, this skill set provides valuable skills and knowledge for use when conducting procedural and/or skills assessments and valuations of employees within the business. Units from this skill set also provide credit towards, the TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment:

  • TAEASS401 Plan assessment activities and processes
  • TAEASS402 Assess competence
  • TAEASS403 Participate in assessment validation
  • TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools

TAESS00018 Deliver E-Learning Skill Set

This skill set addresses the skills and knowledge required to deliver e-learning in online and remote learning environments, including in the workplace. 

With the current global pandemic, online learning is become more popular within the private sector to allow employees and customers to remain engaged in learning when classroom-based face-2-face training is not available. This skill set provides training staff with the skills and knowledge to develop e-learning resources, facilitate, monitor, and review e-learning delivered by electronic media. This skill set is spot on for anyone that develops and delivers training content for use within a Learning (or Knowledge) Management System in an online environment.

These units are from units from (and also provides credit towards) the TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training & TAE50216 Diploma of Training Design and Development.

  • TAEDEL501 Facilitate e-learning
  • TAEDES503 Design and develop e-learning resources

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