TAE40122 FAQ’s


Is there a time limit on how long I have to complete my TAE40122?

You will have up to 37 weeks to complete all your study and assessment requirements. If you finish your assessments and assignments early, that’s ok, it means you finish the course earlier.

We understand that everyone’s situation is different and that factors such as work and personal commitments my impact on your study time. It may take some students longer to complete than others.

What time do the classes start and finish?

Full day Face-2-Face classes in the classroom or via Zoom start at 9.00am and finish around 4.30pm. Half day classes run between 5.30pm – 9.00pm

What do I need to bring with me to the training?

You will require basic stationary item such as pens, notebooks etc, a laptop computer that can access the internet (we have free Wi-Fi for our students) and any other personal items such as your lunch and snacks.

What are the types of assessments I will be required to complete?

In the Face-2-Face course you will participate in a variety delivery and assessments including preparing and delivering presentations, developing learning strategies, developing assessment tools, conducting assessments and validation of assessment tools. 

In the Distance Learning course, you will complete your assessments within your workplace as part of your normal day to day role. There may still be a need for you to do some additional assessments and study outside of work.

Is there a dress standard required for in the classroom for the course?

Neat casual dress is required

How long after I complete all my assessments do I receive my certificate?

Generally, your statement of attainment will be emailed to you 2-4 weeks after you have submitted and gained competency in all units required for the qualification. Full payment of your course fees must be received before any statement or certificate is issued.

Is there any government funding available?

Some funding maybe available in some States provided you meet the eligibility requirements of the program. For more information, please complete the Contact Us form.

Is this qualification right for me, do I have enough time to fully commit to the training? 

The TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment is a valuable qualification to kick-start your career in VET, however, there is a significant personal time investment required on your behalf to successfully complete the course. For this reason, we offer a number of delivery options so you can choose the one that best suits your personal circumstances and fits into your lifestyle. 

I am interested in the Applied Delivery course; will I get my certificate after completing the face2face sessions?

No. Our Applied Delivery courses are a great way to cover all the theory work associated with each of the course units lead by one of our experienced trainers. During the classes you will complete most of the assessments conducted under supervision and some of the minor assessment tasks. You will still be required to complete the remaining assessment work and submit your assignments within the 37-week duration.

Do you have maximum and minimum enrolment numbers for the classes?

We require a minimum of 10 enrolments for an Applied Delivery course and a maximum of 18. There are no set numbers of enrolments needed for On-the-job Delivery or RPL.

Is it possible to complete this course 100% online?

Our On-the-job Learning course is primarily designed for those currently employed in the VET sector and/or conducting training and assessment for small groups as an enterprise trainer. Please contact us if you feel you might meet these criteria.

Can I complete the assessments on my own in my own time?

Many of the assessment tasks in the TAE40122 require you to have contact with a group to conduct delivery and assessment tasks (these we generally complete in class). Some other assessments can be conducted in a simulated environment that you can undertake with a colleague, friend, or family member where you will need to record the session and have them provide feedback.

I am currently employed as a trainer in my workplace, am I eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

The RPL process is best suited to trainers and assessors who are currently working as a trainer and assessor in the VET sector – TAFE, RTO etc. This means having significant experience delivering national units of competency recently over several years. If your experience is more limited to workplace or enterprise product and procedure training of employees, you may still qualify for RPL in some units. Please contact us so we can assess and discuss what options might be available to you.

I have the old BSZ or TAA certificate and I would like to update it, can I do this?

Yes! The Learning Professionals TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment RPL program will enable you to upgrade your older BSZ, TAA or TAE qualification. How much additional training you will be require for completing will depend on the qualification you hold, the units of competency you have completed and how much recent training and assessment experience you have.

We assess each application for upgrade individually and work 1 on 1 with you so that you can meet the requirements and gain the competency required for the TAE40122 qualification. 

To find out more about upgrading your older qualification, please complete the Contact Us form and select TAE upgrade.

If I need help during the course, is there someone I can speak too?

You will have unlimited access to your trainer via email to ask any questions you have about the course. You will also have direct access to your trainer via phone during business hours. Your course trainer will arrange a 1 on 1 video chat with you to discuss any questions or concerns you have.

Are there any additional fees for credit transfers or partial RPL?

Upgrades of older qualifications starts from $750.00. Each application for Credit Transfer or RPL is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Any units that you cannot receive a direct credit transfer for may occur additional fees.

Do I need to pay my course fees up front?

You will need to have paid for course fees prior to having any statement or certificate issued. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

24-Hour Access Number: 1300 043 045

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